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Dentist Profile: Mrs. Helen Jones – Dental Hygienists


Helen is quite experienced and has worked as a dental hygienist for various practices including a specialist periodontal  practice in Attadale. In that position she had to support the work of a very proficient periodontist. More recently she has worked in Rockingham for a number of years, within a corporate style practice. She resigned from that position to work for Safety Bay dental Care Centre starting some years ago. Helen is most passionate about educating our patients on all things dental but especially their gum health. She is also most capable at finding and removing the various hostile films of bacteria and calcium deposits that insist on sticking to the side of the tooth. Once these films are removed diligently, whether above or below the gum line, the gums will quickly return to a much better health status. The return of your gums to absolute optimum heath will “make Helen’s day”.

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