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So it is an unfortunate fact of life that as we age we collect damage. The crystal structure of teeth cannot repair itself. It is similar to a car windscreen. It gets a little bit of damage and then the cracks run at some pace. Sometimes before your eyes and sometimes creeping for years. But the cracks never reverse themselves. In the case of teeth, each filling, each blow or each accidental crunch onto something weird in a sandwich will weaken the tooth and possibly set off fractures.

As the teeth get older these fractures start to show in various ways. Bits fall off, teeth get sensitive and even the nerve dies off completely. Sometimes teeth just snap in half down the middle. This is partly because of the wonderful advances in dentistry have meant that people are keeping their teeth well into old age. We can stop the decay, prevent or treat the gum disease. However, we are plagued by these fractures. There is hope… read on.

Capping your teeth before they are too damaged can protect them for many, many years. Not capping with a cheap plastic filling material but capping with gold, metal or tooth coloured ceramic. There are some wonderful new materials that have recently become available. Materials that are computer milled in a 3D milling machine using blocks of very strong 100% zirconia that is tooth coloured.