How Often Should I Come to the Dentist?


For most people, about every 6 months is the correct interval. This is usually based on the amount of scale build up that forms on your teeth and therefore some people, we may extend as far as 12 months and in the other extreme, some people may need to see their dentist every 3 to [...]

How Often Should I Come to the Dentist?2019-07-03T18:22:18+08:00

Why Do My Gums Bleed?


If you see blood on your toothbrush or in the sink after you spit out after brushing your teeth, this is a sign of a low grade (or worse) infection in your gums. This may be due to inadequate home care strategies (are you using floss/interproximal brushes on a regular basis?), but is often a [...]

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Is Amalgam (silver/metal filling) Material Safe?


Amalgam is one of the most used and studied materials used in the human body. No peer reviewed studies have every demonstrated any adverse health outcomes. However, no filling material is ideal in satisfying every desired property for a tooth filling material. That is why your dentist will discuss with you the pros and cons [...]

Is Amalgam (silver/metal filling) Material Safe?2019-07-03T18:22:18+08:00

How Can I save Money at the Dentist?


The old proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is never more true than with dental care. Preventive care is not only cheaper, but much simpler and can even be pleasant. So, delaying your visit to the dentist will more than likely make your dental bills worse, not better. Part of good preventive care has [...]

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Is It Safe to Bleach My Teeth?


Yes! Almost certainly if it is done in a controlled manner with monitoring. Studies have shown questionable changes to tissues in rats when subject to high concentrations of bleach but for obvious reasons, these studies have not been done in humans. It is for this reason that when whitening your teeth it should always be [...]

Is It Safe to Bleach My Teeth?2019-07-03T18:22:18+08:00
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