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When you need to find a dentist, you might start searching for the “best dentist near me” online. The problem is, which dentist serving Port Kennedy and the surrounding area can you trust?

Whether you’re looking for a children’s dentist or a local dentist for the whole family, you can trust Safety Bay Dental Care Centre.

Why consider us? Well, our practice has been operating since the mid-1980s, and we offer a range of dental services for Port Kennedy residents.

Our Dental Services

  • Full-care management
  • Fillings and repairs
  • Invisalign
  • Extractions
  • Dental crowns
  • Root canals
  • Gum-disease diagnosis and treatment

Full Dental Care: From routine preventive check-ups to emergency dental work, we’ve got you covered at Safety Bay Dental Care Centre. We’ll always take the time and care to assess a range of circumstances before proceeding with treatment for you or your family members.

Fillings and Repairs: If you or your children need teeth filled, we work with a full range of materials, from amalgam and composite to glass ionomer cement fillings. You can speak with the dentist about which best meets your needs, and you’ll get the personalised treatment you need.

Here at Safety Bay Dental Centre, we also repair fillings if that’s the most efficient and cost-effective method for treating your filling failure.

Dental Crowns: In some cases, crowning fractured teeth can prolong their life by decades and avoid a cosmetic replacement. We’ll put together a tailored plan, and you can decide if you believe crowns are the right solution for your situation and determine how much you’ll need to budget for them.

Extractions: Although extractions are not the first course of action we recommend in most circumstances, occasionally they’re essential. Whether it’s you or your kids who have a tooth that must go, you can relax. We have more than 30 years of experience making things easy for you at a painful and distressing time.

Gum Disease, Diagnosis and Treatment: Proper gum care can improve your overall health, and this is something we can help teach your children from a young age. If you suffer from any gum disease, we can help you manage this from home. If you need more intense treatment, we’ll be happy to refer you to a reputable periodontist too.

Invisalign: If you’re looking for Invisalign treatment near Port Kennedy, we can help here at Safety Bay Dental Care Centre. Our team is Invisalign trained and we can sit down with you to develop your customised invisible braces plan.

Are You Looking For A Children’s Dentist Near You?

If you need a dentist near Port Kennedy for you and your children, get in touch with us. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Safety Bay Dental Care Centre soon!

Proudly Serving Port Kennedy

Port Kennedy is an outer southern suburbs of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, located within the City of Rockingham. Port Kennedy is built on Becher Point and because of its geomorphological history it is home to an unusual wetland formation, called the Becher Wetland Suite. Safety Bay Dental has been serving Port Kennedy residents for decades and has become the leading Dental Care Centre in the area.

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